Mailbrew x Upnext

Mailbrew is back!

A few weeks ago, Mailbrew was acquired by Upnext, and we have big plans for it.

About Upnext

At Upnext, we're obsessed with solving information overload. We've developed Upnext, a powerful reader for saving content for later, and more recently, Brief, a daily digest that uses AI to condense the most important news from 10,000+ articles every day.

We’ve also been fans of Mailbrew for many years!

Our plans for Mailbrew

We respect the foundation that Fabrizio and Francesco built with Mailbrew. We're not here to reinvent it, but to evolve it. Our immediate focus is on fixing existing bugs — the login issue has already been resolved, and we're looking into the Twitter source issues next. We’re also planning to bring some of the technology we built for Upnext and Brief to your brews.

Looking ahead, we're excited to expand Mailbrew's capabilities. We're exploring new content sources — e.g., Multireddits, Instagram (again), Mastodon, LinkedIn — and introducing AI features for smarter, more personalized brews.

Our goal for Mailbrew is for your brews to become the most useful minutes you spend each day with digital content.

New feature: AI-powered Stories ✨

Top stories for "Space" topic

The first new feature to Mailbrew in over a year has arrived! 🚀

The Top Stories source lets you add the most important stories for 25 topics to your brews. We summarize hundreds of articles for each topic every day with AI to identify the most important stories.

Clicking a story will take you to the Brief story page with a more detailed summary and a list of all the sources.

You can format the stories in your brew with simple titles, short blurbs or include a detailed list of bullet points. We’d love your feedback, and feel free to request additional categories !

How you can help

We're committed to making Mailbrew better for you, and we’d love your help:

  1. Product surveysThis product survey will help us understand which features of Mailbrew are most useful to you and how we can improve. There’s also a survey specifically for Twitter/X support, for those who’d love to see it return.
  2. Feedback board: We've created a new board to keep track of new features, new sources, and bugs.
  3. Spread the word: Help us let the world know Mailbrew is back!

That's all for now. We truly appreciate your support. 🙏


Jay, Joe and the Upnext team