A new inbox for your newsletters

Fabrizio Rinaldi - July 07, 2020

We always worked on Mailbrew following this core belief: people relish products that respect their time and attention, and help them stay informed and get the content they need.

One feature request we started getting since the start reflected this need: our users wanted to be able to get other newsletters in their daily Mailbrew digest.

And that's what we're stoked to launch today: the all-new Mailbrew Inbox.

A new inbox for your newsletters

So yeah, you can now finally get any newsletter in your Mailbrew digest.

This means you don't need to clutter your inbox anymore: you can subscribe to newsletters with a special address we give you, and conveniently receive them in your daily brew.

mailbrew inbox email

Besides getting newsletters in your daily digest, we're also introducing a new dedicated inbox page in the app to read your latest issues:

mailbrew inbox page

That's not it

Besides adding the new Mailbrew Inbox, we actually revamped every aspect of the product.

New Interface

We also refreshed and improved the whole user interface. It's now more friendly, polished, and blazing-fast. Here's the new interface ✨

mailbrew new dashboard

New Lightning-Fast Editor

A major pain-point in an otherwise flawless Mailbrew experience was that for complex digests with lots of sources, the brew preview could take a couple of minutes to load. Well now the preview loads almost instantly and it's more responsive.

mailbrew new editor

All-new onboarding experience

New users will be welcomed with a new onboarding that will help them create a spectacular daily digest with everything they need.

If you're an existing user, you can still try it here to create a new daily digest.

mailbrew new onboarding

New sources

Regarding sources, we're happy to introduce one that has been requested for a long time: Product Hunt. So you can now get the latest launches in your Mailbrew digest every day.

mailbrew new sources

There's a ton of other changes and improvements, and it's impossible to list them all. Mailbrew is completely free to try to give it a shot today.

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