Mailbrew April Update

Fabrizio Rinaldi - April 14, 2020

Less than 2 months ago we launched Mailbrew, and since then we've been working non-stop to add new features and improve it based on your feedback.

Mailbrew helps you to keep in touch with the people and things you care about by sending you personal automated digests — saving you hours of time spent checking sites and scrolling feeds — but with the latest updates it becomes much more than that.

Public subscribe

The biggest news is that you can now let anyone subscribe to your brews.

westworld brew
Anyone can subscribe to a brew via its public page

This creates new use cases for Mailbrew, for example:

  • Create a brew to put your team on the same page. Suggested sources: your company's blog and official Twitter accounts.
  • Create a brew on your favorite TV show and share it with your friends. You won't miss the latest rumors, theories and memes.
  • Create a brew to share with your partner, adding subreddits and blogs about things you're learning or exploring together.
  • Create a brew for your audience, making sure they never miss your best tweets, or the latest articles on your blog.

We're excited to see the brews that our community will create and share with the world.

What else is new?

  • Embed form for your public brews → You'll also be able to embed a super nice subscribe form on your website or blog, to let anyone easily subscribe to your brew.
  • Upload an avatar → You can now upload an avatar in the settings page ✨ This will be shown on your public profile and brews.
  • Complete editor revamp → The editor has been completely revamped. Navigation is easier, the layout is now more compact and responsive, and sections are more clearly separated. There are countless fixes and improvements in this revamp, so we hope you'll love it!
  • Quoted Tweets support → As you've probably seen by now, we've finally made an improvement in the Twitter sources that was requests by so many of you, and we think it will take your brews to next level: we now show quoted and retweeted tweets inline. This means you won't need to open retweets and quotes to see their content. Fewer chances to fall in the Twitter rabbit hole.
  • New Currency Exchange source → We’ve introduced a new “Currency Exchange” source, suggested by Justin Jackson. He had a great use case in mind: monitoring USD → CAD exchange rates to receive payments when it’s most convenient, and he can now do it with Mailbrew.
  • Twitter List source improvements → We’ve also refined the Twitter List source, there’s now a default (and customizable) limit to the amount of tweets included for each person. This solves the problem of the most popular accounts in a list hiding tweets from all the other people in that list.
  • Substack support → We also added proper Substack support, so you can now add any Substack newsletter as an RSS Feed in your brews.

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