Andrea Bosoni's information diet

Fabrizio Rinaldi - April 08, 2021

Here we are with a the new issue of a series of tiny interviews with our favorite thinkers, creators, writers, technologists.

It's a way to get a glimpse into their daily routines and information diets.

We're joined this time by our friend and talented marketer Andrea Bosoni, who's also an avid Mailbrew user, always sending us clever requests and occasional bug reports 👀

Andrea Bosoni

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey, I’m Andrea, a marketer from Italy.

I’ve been poking around the internet for a long time. After graduating from college, I was working for a big company, but I have to love my job and the corporate world just wasn’t for me. So I’ve switched, and I’ve been working as a marketing consultant for 10 years now.

These days I’m spending more and more time working on my side project, Zero to Marketing.

How do you usually start your day?

I tend to wake up late because I’m a bit of a night owl, and I never cheat on sleep.

After a good breakfast, I get dressed and head out for a nice walk in the park. It’s how I get warmed up both physically and mentally because it’s when I plan my activities for the day. It’s also the moment when I check my phone notifications and respond to calls, messages, emails, etc.

By the end of the walk I’m ready to get some work done.

What’s your information diet like?

Marketing changes lightning fast so it’s super important for me to stay up to date with what’s going on.

I usually check websites like Search Engine Land and Social Media Today, newsletters like Stacked Marketer, and TL;DR marketing.

I also browse r/marketing, and r/startups on Reddit; SEO Signals Lab and Facebook Ad Buyers on Facebook.

Finally, a couple of podcasts I enjoy are Perpetual Traffic and Everyone Hates Marketers.

What are the most interesting people you follow right now?

Do you struggle with feeds addiction and information overload?

I don’t; in fact I’m delighted you invented Mailbrew because it saves me so much time and helps me be more productive. I know this sounds like an ad but it's true.

Give it a shot 👇

My biggest time suck has always been Twitter. No matter how hard I tried to organize my feed with lists I ended up wasting so many hours there.

One of my favorite Mailbrew features is being able to see the best 100 tweets of the last 24 hours so now there are days when I don’t open the app at all without any FOMO.

Mailbrew digests also help because most of the online activity in communities and social media follows American time, so I can just schedule my brews based on the times that are convenient to me, here in Europe.

What device do you mainly use to consume content? Why?

I consume a lot of content on my iPhone and that’s why I always choose the model with the biggest screen. I can’t wait for the day Apple releases a foldable iPhone that becomes a tablet, I’ll probably be the first to buy it.

Is there a book you’d like to recommend?

I enjoyed reading Lost and Founder, a book that tells the story of how Rand Fishkin successfully founded Moz. Unlike other authors, he is very honest and talks openly about his failures and personal struggles.

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