All-new Mailbrew, now with Read Later

Fabrizio Rinaldi - September 16, 2020

Our goal with Mailbrew has always been to make it the single place for your favorite content, sources, writers, creators — a product that fixes your information diet, helping you unplug from feeds.

When we added a new Inbox source to let you subscribe to newsletters in Mailbrew, we came even closer to this vision.

Today, we feel like our vision is closer to become a reality.

Read Later

The first reason we feel like this update brings us closer than ever to realizing our vision is a brand-new Read Later source.

You can now send links to Mailbrew, receive them in your email digest, or read them comfortably in a dedicated UI.

read later

Completely revamped app

As you might have noticed in the image above, we've also re-made the whole app. It's now much simpler, and it's built around 3 primary tabs for your digests, newsletters, and saved links.

revamped app

A refined mobile experience

Finally, to make sure Mailbrew is a definitive tool to fix information overload, we crafted a great mobile experience so you can enjoy it wherever you're most comfortable.

new mobile

The new Readwise source

We're also tremendously excited to partner up with Tristan and Daniel from Readwise to bring our users a beautiful Readwise source. You're now able to receive your daily highlights review in your digest.


One more thing

We've decided to raise money for the first time during this crazy year, and we've found amazing people who share our vision.

So we're stoked to announce that Earnest Capital has invested in Mailbrew. We're so excited to be part of the fund and have more resources to work on Mailbrew for the long run.

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