(2022) Create Twitter RSS Feeds (Easiest Method)

Fabrizio Rinaldi - April 06, 2022

Going through a Twitter feed at times can be very overwhelming. This is because you have everyone's information constantly being refreshed in your feed by the algorithm.

This creates a really bad user experience. If there is a specific account that you need information from, you have to endlessly scroll to find it. You can also go to their account and search, but this isn’t very efficient. The best ways to streamline your information acquisition is by creating an RSS feed.

Having a custom Twitter RSS feed can be a goldmine of tailored-made information. In this article, we are going to go over what is the easiest way to create a Twitter RSS feed using Mailbrew. This is a website that lets you easily create your personalized newsletter.

By using this software, you will save time, and avoid the pitfalls of solely relying on the Twitter feed.

The problem with Twitter feeds

Unlike other social media channels, Twitter has grown to be the center for breaking news and the latest updates. Publishing information on Twitter is faster than publishing information on any other place online.

Tweets are also fairly small, so this lets readers easily digest the information. It also forces the writer to convey their information in small digestible pieces.

The information on your Twitter feed changes by the second and most of the time the order doesn’t necessarily make sense. When you do revert to a chronological timeline, you’ll realize that you’re missing out on content being published by your friends from across the globe.

Either case, instead of focusing on what you want to see, you end up drifting into the news that Twitter throws at you. This is unproductive and inefficient.

What is an RSS feed?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an easy way to distribute the latest content directly to a specific platform. This helps you stay up-to-date with the latest tweets, news, or any other form of advertising media.

The good thing about RSS feeds is that you don’t have to visit different sites to get all of your information. All of the information is collected and delivered to you in one specific location.

Unlike social media, where information is gathered from the people you follow, an RSS Feed shows you all of the information that a specific source has published.

To build this feed you can choose one source to syndicate the information from or you can choose as many as you like.

Twitter feeds vs RSS feeds

Your Twitter feed is a compilation of all of the information from the accounts you follow. Sure, they’re valuable, but not specific enough. On top of this, Twitter uses its algorithm to show you information from all the accounts you follow.

On the other hand, RSS feeds let you stream the exact up-to-date information you want to see. Twitter got rid of its RSS feed around 2012-2013. The only way to create RSS feeds now is through the use of various online tools. Let’s delve into one.

Benefits of Mailbrew

There are many Twitter RSS feed generator apps and websites. Yet, not all of them are easy to use and give the exact information you need. Creating a Twitter feed with Mailbrew is the fastest and best way to create an on-demand feed.

You will get this feed sent directly to your email. The good part is you choose which exact days and times you want to receive your information. On top of this, having an RSS feed sent to your inbox saves you time. Because it loads faster than most websites and software.

Creating a Twitter RSS feed with Mailbrew

To start, navigate to Mailbrew’s website.

If it is your first time on the website, create a log-in with your email address or sign up using your Twitter account.

You will then reach the account creation page where you will see “Hi there”. Create a username, enter your first name, and email.

Then agree to the “Terms of Service” and “privacy policy” and click “Continue”.

Once you complete this step, you will arrive at your main “Daily Brew” page.

From here you can select which days, and what time you want to receive your feed through email.

Once that’s done click the “+ Add first source” button.

Another page will open showing various options to customize your feed. You can then click on “Twitter Digest”

Note: You can also customize your feed by “Mentions”, “Brand Mentions”, or “Hashtags”.

Once this is done, an option will populate for you to connect your “Twitter handle”. All you have to do is enter your username and press “+ connect”.

Hot tip: You can also go ahead and create a digest from other sources, in addition to the Twitter accounts you want to follow! This is great for having an all-in-one feed for your different interests. For instance, a crypto feed can provide updates from Twitter accounts and publications relating to cryptocurrencies.

You can then choose which accounts you want to add to your RSS feed by selecting the “+ ” sign next to their username. You can also use the search feature to find a specific account.

If you click on “options”, you can choose whether you want to receive the “latest” or the “most popular” tweets from that account.

Once you are finished press “done” on the upper right corner of the page.

A window will open asking you to confirm your options. If you are satisfied with your selection, verify your email and then press “start sending”.

Once this is done you will start receiving your customized RSS Twitter feed directly to your email inbox.

Once you create your desired feed, you never have to go back to do anything. You will receive your feed in your inbox like “clockwork”. You can always edit it by going back to Mailbrew’s page. There you can edit your feed and change it based on your preferences.

You can also use advanced filters to specify “brand mentions” if you want to get more granular. This will give you an even more tailored experience.

Different use cases for creating Twitter RSS feeds

Save time with your personalized Twitter RSS Feed

With a personalized RSS feed, you will be able to save time from searching. All the information you want will be syndicated directly to your feed daily.

The best part about an RSS feed is that it only shows the information that you choose. Unlike a Twitter feed, You won’t have to worry about other accounts or random information getting generated.

This will save you time that can be used for more productive activities.

Never miss another major update

When we are scrolling through social media, we are at the mercy of their algorithms. Every time you go through your feeds, they get refreshed. This can be very frustrating, especially if there is important news that you need to know. This holds true for Twitter, as well.

With an RSS feed, you can handpick the information that you want to see. If you need to have specific updates from an individual that you follow, you can syndicate just that specific information to show up.

Scale your feed with different accounts and platforms

Creating an RSS feed doesn’t have to be centered towards Twitter. You can create an RSS feed to encompass any information that you desire.

Example: You might have your RSS feed set up with tweets from a Crypto start-up. You don’t just have to settle for “tweets”, you can also add to this. You can include Crypto news sites that have information relating to that start up. You also might add a reddit page that specifically talks about that information.

if you know you need information from different sources, you can also include those sources in your RSS feed. That way you can make your feed relevant and interconnected. Mailbrew is the perfect source that can help you create a customized RSS feed.

Use Mailbrew to create your Twitter RSS feed

Mailbrew is the easiest method you can use to build a Twitter RSS feed. However, that’s not all. You can also create an RSS feed with sources collected from other news and media outlets too.

Once your personalized RSS feed is created you will receive it as a newsletter in your email inbox. By using this software, you won’t have to deal with advertisements that are in the way of valuable information.

Being able to customize the interface will make your experience more efficient. You won’t waste time getting sucked into random information as you do on some social platforms.

On top of this, the pricing is very affordable. It’s only $4.99 a month for you to have unlimited customized newsletters with the exact information you want. Visit Mailbrew so you can start creating your custom Twitter RSS feed.

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