Fabrizio Rinaldi

(2022) Best Crypto Newsletters (Our Top 13 List!)

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has flooded all of the news outlets on the internet. Because there is so much that is happening in this space, it can be quite difficult to separate the signal from the noise. As there are so many places to get your information from, you also get information that you don’t want.

In this article, we will go over a list of the best Crypto newsletter to which you can subscribe. If you want to skip all of this, and get the exact news that you want in a curated dashboard, make sure to check out Mailbrew.

1. Decrypt

Decrypt is your guide to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Web 3.0. The goal of this newsletter is to serve you complex information in a simple-to-understand way through effective storytelling.

Despite this, they focus on having cold-hard facts, and truthful information, and stay away from the fraud and false drama in the industry.

Decrypt also believe what they preach. They use technology from Web 3.0 to deliver the information to your inbox.

2. Coindesk

If you want a digital media website that focuses on bitcoin, Coindesk is your go-to newsletter. This is one of the highest-rated Crypto news sites in the world.

This site was acquired by a New York-based venture capital company known as Digital Group in 2013.

Coindesk has 6 different types of newsletters. Each newsletter aggregates different information on specific topics.

Here are the topics:

State of Crypto: This goes over the policies and regulations surrounding the crypto world.

The Node: Daily topics of the crypto world.

ValidPoints: Goes over Ethereum 2.0 and what effect it is having in the crypto markets.

CryptoLong & Short: News and insights for professional investors.

FirstMover: Everything you need to learn about in the crypto world.

MoneyReimagined: This is a weekly newsletter that goes over the change in monetary value.

As you can see, Coindesk explores various topics around crypto. It goes over the technical aspect as well as how the market feels about cryptocurrencies. Even though this newsletter has a major focus on bitcoin, it has published an article that covers Ethereum.

This newsletter has both daily and weekly updates. This is a newsletter you should subscribe to if you want access to the latest news.

3. The Node

A newsletter by Marc Hochstein, The Node is known for being able to squeeze as much information as possible into a newsletter. The newsletter aggregates information from CoinDesk, Twitter, and many other places. If you are looking to keep up with everything that is happening daily, this is your go-to newsletter, especially if you want to know about Ethereum 2.0.

4. CoinSnacks

CoinSnacks is a once-per-week newsletter that is focused on crypto-investing and known for providing news that is easy to digest and cuts through the fluff. Because it pushes out weekly rather than daily emails, it puts a huge emphasis on quality. You will gain insights into exclusive content that is well-researched.

One thing to keep in mind about this newsletter is that it doesn’t have a specific release date. That is why you should always check your inbox when you are subscribed.

5. Chain Letter

If you are looking for a newsletter from a very reliable source, look no further than MIT’s own Crypto newsletter. This is an insider-focused newsletter that is published every Thursday.

Every week Chain Letter focuses on a different Cryptocurrency and Blockchain topic. It does this to always make sure that they are serving up fresh content to keep readers coming back for more.

Chain Letter is a paid subscription, in order to release quality content that is explored with perspectives from different sides. The content is also broken down into categories and segments so that it is made easy to go through.

6. CoinMarketCap

CoinmMarketCap is known as the world’s largest coin tracking site. They track the movement of prices and the market cap of coins. Because of this, it is able to serve you the latest news and insights into the hottest coins on the market.

This newsletter gives you basic information about news, airdrops, AMAs, events, and technical analyses. Once you sign up for this newsletter you will get it every weekday in your inbox.

7. OpenSea

Non-Fungible-Tokens have become one of the most popular topics in the Crypto world, because of its investment potential and different use cases. So, if you are looking to stay up to date on what’s happening with NFT’s OpenSea is your number one place for information.

OpenSea goes over all of the topics involving NFTs. They delve into exclusive NFT collections and interviews with artists who have sold NFTs. OpenSea can provide this content because it is one of the largest marketplaces for NFTs.

8. Bitcolumnist

If you are looking to get away from the technical aspect of Crypto and focus on more holistic news. Bitcolumnist is the go-to newsletter for you. This newsletter provides you with news, lifestyle, cryptocurrency reviews, and product information.

9. Marty’s Ƀent

If you are looking for a short and fun read, Marty’s Ƀent is the perfect newsletter for you. This newsletter only takes about 5 minutes to read. Here, Marty discusses something that he has found interesting in the last 24 hours about Bitcoin or Crypto.

Written from the perspective of Marty, it just so happens that he has an extreme view of bitcoin. However, this makes the reading experience very fun and engaging.

If this is something you are into, you will be able to receive this newsletter every weekday.

10. Bankless

If you are looking to start investing in the crypto space Bankless is the newsletter for you. This newsletter blends money and tech insights so that you can upgrade your finance knowledge.

This newsletter is a guide on everything you need to know about Ethereum, NFTs, Defi, and Bitcoin.

This newsletter promotes the move to cryptocurrency and away from centralized banking. It does this by educating you and showing you real-world examples.

11. The Pomp Letter

This is another newsletter that is produced by Anthony Pompiliano, an investor, entrepreneur, and co-founder at Morgan Creek Digital, one of the world’s biggest asset managers.

The Pomp Letter goes over what’s new with crypto and what caught Anthony’s attention. Other topics you will find in this newsletter are technology, finance, business, and all about bitcoin.

This newsletter does have a free version that you get every Monday. If you want to get this newsletter every weekday you will have to upgrade to the paid version.

12. The Wolf Den

This newsletter is written by Scott Melker who is the host of “The Wolf of All Streets Podcast”. He is a trader, investor, and he has been nominated by Binance as the “influencer of the year”.

This newsletter is focused on the Crypto market. It is mostly tailored for day traders who are looking for charts and indicator information. Scott also gives his input on the psychology and emotion around trading.

This newsletter is released every weekday. However, every Thursday there is a special edition that is released. This Newsletter goes over charts that subscribers request.

The Wolf Den newsletter also has a subscription cost of $15 per month.

13. NFT Lately

NFT Lately provides information surrounding NFT drops, news and reviews, and some insider tips on how to gain access to exclusive NFT communities. This newsletter only gets released weekly, so it's meant for a great occasional read.

Aggregate your crypto newsletters with Mailbrew

Need to aggregate all these newsletters? Mailbrew is a service that lets you put together your own newsletter on crypto by pulling the information from various sources on the internet. This way, you can have information from a particular source. You can also jam everything into an information-packed newsletter.

Maibrew allows you to pull information from places such as:

  • Product Hunt
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • RSS Feed
  • Dev.to
  • YouTube
  • Hacker News
  • BetaList
  • Google News
  • Stocks
  • Crypto

Once you found the information that interests you, simply throw it in a brew (collection of sources). After that, all you have to do is to schedule when you want to receive the newsletters. You can schedule daily or weekly. You can also get granular and set the exact time of day you want to receive the newsletter.

Mailbrew is also flexible because it allows you to make more than one type of newsletter. So, if you have a topic such as NFT, you can make your newsletter all about NFTs. If you want another one about bitcoin, you can set that up as well.

This system is very easy to use, so anyone can go own and make their newsletter. The good news is it’s only $10/month or $72/year. Go ahead and check it out.