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Mailbrew sends me a curated feed of everything I want to see, saving me hours of mindless browsing.

Pat Walls

Founder StarterStory, 24 Hour Startup

I've been using Mailbrew to keep up with Twitter peeps who don't post often, and it's pretty awesome. Looking forward to my newsletter each week!

David Heinemeier Hansson

Co-Founder and CTO at Basecamp

I've been using Mailbrew for a while and can confirm: it's the future of actually following feeds without going crazy 🤯

Alberto Giunta

iOS Engineer at Bending Spoons

How does it work?

Pick your sources

Your favorite Twitter accounts, interesting subreddits, popular blogs and feeds... Your choice.

Customize your emails

You can choose a title, order your sources, and customize everything with our powerful editor.

Done! Sit back and relax

See a live preview of your creation, and decided wether to receive it daily, weekly, monthly.

Create a beautiful newsletter with

With our friendly editor, you'll create beautiful, interesting newsletters in a few clicks.

Dominate the feeds

Create curated summaries of anything.

If you care about your time, you're going to love Mailbrew. It will help you unplug from feeds, and keep in touch with the content you love and topics you're passionate about.

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We want to get it right

That’s why Mailbrew is currently in private beta. Request access and we’ll let you know when you can try it.

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